How to Enable and Fix Disappearing Dock on Mac

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Dock on Mac OS is likely navigation bar to easily access for Application. Mostly the issue with disappearing and missing Dock on the screen, if you’re having a problem missing Dock panel the simplest way to adjust the settings for the Dock is by using System Preferences.

Here are the following steps how to enable and fix disappearing dock

Step 1: Select System Preference

Pointing your cursor mouse to the Apple icon in the top-left corner of the screen and then select System Preferences from the drop-down menu, you will be presented System Preference panel. Clik on Icon Dock.

Once you have already clicked it will show a new window Dock panel.

Step 2: Configure Dock Panel

On the Dock window panel, you will find a lot of checkboxes and lets you to customize the Dock to fit your preferences. To enable Dock on your Mac OS, you have to check on checkbox Automatically hide and show the Dock see picture on the below with red border.

Step 3: Reset Preference List (Optional)

If the above ways could not resolve your issue with Dock still disappearing, You may need to reset Preference list. Open Finder, got to top menu and hold down the Option on the keyboard and click Go, on Library directory open the folder Preferences then find let’s see the image below

You may need to delete this file (use two fingers tap then move to trash) finally Restart your Mac device.

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