How to Enable Sharing WiFi from Mac to Other Devices

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Mac machine allows users to enable sharing WiFi from Mac to other devices through sharing the Internet connection. You may find and turn on Mac WiFi as WiFi Hotspot and configure the network to be sharing hotspot connection

Wi-Fi hotspot on Mac is a future option that is available as default. Most users using sharing internet connection on Mac with the source of the network from Ethernet or third-party wireless router. Here are the following steps how to create sharing WiFi from the Mac to other devices.


You need to have an Ethernet wired connection to your Mac, it needs to be connected to the network with a wire, it’s a limitation that could not be connected both a Wi-Fi network and host a Wi-Fi at the same time

Step 1: Configuration Internet Sharing Network

Open System Preferences and select Sharing. let’s see the following image with sharing icon with the red border. You may need to click on sharing to open next window for internet sharing configuration.

Step 2: Setting Internet Sharing

Now the panel sharing is opened for internet sharing configuration, click on Internet Sharing on column number 2 choose Ethernet then on column 3 for Computer using click on Wi-Fi and on column 4 click Wi-Fi Options button. that will prompt panel option for a password to configure Internet sharing network.

Step 3: Configuration Network Security

Let’s see panel internet-sharing network security configuration, on Security combo box choose “WPA2 Personal” (WPA2 is the 802.11i standard for encryption.). after providing your password then click OK

If on the panel prompted “Are you sure you want to turn on Internet Sharing?” Confirm that to turn on by clicking Start.

Step 4: Testing Connection

You have now created a Wi-Fi hotspot using your Mac. you may test the connection using iPhone, Ipad, Computer wifi

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