How to Fix App is Damaged and Can’t be Open on Mac OS

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The Mac OS default security Gatekeeper does not allow all app to be installed. If you are trying to open or install the application it will show an error message that the app “is damaged and can’t be opened.” it means that the app could not be installed or the downloaded app is corrupted. However, sometimes this is just a security issue that can fix the app is damaged by the following step

To fix App is damaged and can’t be opened you can disable Gatekeeper or allow App store and identified developers in security and privacy panel option

Step 1: Disable Gatekeeper

Mac OS default Gatekeeper is enabled for security purposes, to disable it open the terminal console and type the following command

sudo spctl --master-disable

If the above way could not solve or fix your problem, please got to next step

Step 2: Security and Privacy

By default, Mac OS security allows only the apps that are downloaded from the Mac App Store or from Mac certified developers. For this, we need to change Allow app download from “App store and identified developers”

Got to Apple Menu ➝ System Preferences ➝  Click on “Security and Privacy”

On the Security & Privacy panel Click on Tab “General” and in bottom click on “Lock Icon”. Enter your Password and Click “Unlock” button

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