How to See and Find any WiFi Password on Mac

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Forgotten a password or if you want to see and find wifi password mac connected with the router, Normally Mac fills in passwords autofill when you need them. But sometimes having your password when you really need it.

So, if you need to see and find wifi password mac for an account, an app, a website, or even your WiFi network, here’s what you should do


Make sure you entered with root password into the Mac machine

Step 1: Open the Keychain Access Utility

Go to Finder ➝ Applications and click on Utilities Folder

Next you will be directed to new window panel Utilities then click on Keychain Access

Step 2: Finding Password on Keychain Access Utility

You just need to know the name of your WiFi network and Mac machine password. on the left bar in section category click on password

  1. On the Search box type “wifi”
  2. Click on WiFi or Hotspot name, it will open a new panel
  3. Click on CheckBox to show password then it will open a new panel for password entry
  4. On the password input text and enter your password then click Allow

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