How to Show or Hide Files and Folders in Atom IDE Sidebar

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Atom editor is the preference for doing programming tasks. The post will indicate how to show or hide files tree view in Atom sidebar. By default, Atom hides your version control or ignore files, if any files for that matter, in the tree view settings, but the ignored files do not show up or hide in tree view

Sometimes this is quite frustrating as you might need to examine for example various node modules or debug specific functionality. In order to show or hide the files, you need to perform the following steps


Before starting with this guide, make sure you Atom IDE editor had been installed on your computer, on this tutorial we will use testing on Atom Mac OS version

Step 1: Preferences Setting

The purpose of a Preference is to allow the user to set preferences for a specific application or the system by means of a graphical user interface

Go to Top Menu ➝ Atom ➝  Click on “Preferences”

Step 2: Tree View Setting

Figured that ticking or unticking this setting would true or false on the package Tree-view. Atom is modular, most of its components exist as independent packages

On Setting Panel ➝ Packages ➝ Type “Tree-view” ➝ Setting ➝ on the checkbox, ticking or unticking “Hide Ignored Names”

Now you can see on the left sidebar, like ignore or git files would be hidden

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