How to Show or Hide Recent Apps in the Dock Mac OS Mojave

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The MacOS Mojave has a new display recently-used apps on Dock, Recent apps are on by default is located between your collections of app icons on the left and the section of the right that shows your recent apps. but if you don’t want that app to appear in your regular Dock lineup you can show hide recent apps in the Dock

Recently-used apps on Dock is very helpful feature. The Dock shows the three recently-used apps, if a recently-used app already on the home in the Dock, it doesn’t appear in this section. The following guides presented how to show hide recent apps in the Dock


Before starting with this guide, make sure your Mac OS is Mojave version

Step 1: System Preferences

The purpose of a Preference is to allow the user to set preferences for a specific application or the system by means of a graphical user interface

Go to Apple Menu ➝ System Preferences ➝  Click on “Dock”

Step 2: Recent Application

In the Dock panel setting “Show recent application in Dock” checkbox to show recently-used apps and uncheck to disable recently-used apps on dock

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